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Let's play gaming expo

I am one of the owners of the Texas based Let's Play Gaming Expo. Together with 6 other talented people I manage the fastest growing interactive gaming event in Dallas, TX. In 2018 we grew to over 5,000 attendees and have secured partnerships with companies like Guitar Center, GameStop, NGAGE eSports, and T-Mobile. We celebrate everything that is gaming, whether it be video, board, card, or physical.

LPGE 2018 Badges
Lets Play Gaming Expo 2018

Kids enjoying the LPGE 2018 event.

Badge & Scavenger Hunt

LPGE Scavenger Hunt, designed to improve event flow and ensure attendees see all the show has to offer.

SimCity Prototype Promotion

Promotional Image for the SimCity NES Prototype, which was available to play during the LPGE 2018 event.

Gaming at the Microsoft Booth

Gamers facing off at the Microsoft booth at the LPGE 2018 event.

Free Play Room

Gamers enjoying some classic NES titles in the Free Play Gaming room at LPGE 2018.

DJ Priest

DJ Priest spinning tunes at the LPGE 2018 event.

Captain Redbeard Livestream

Captain Redbeard and MCubed Cosplay live on Twitch at LPGE 2018.

Wii Bowling Achievement

Gamers attempting to bowl a perfect game to receive an Achievement pin at LPGE 2018.


Custom homebrew arcade cabinet made by Rogue Synapse.

LTC5 Shirt Design

Low Tier City 5 shirt design based on Low Tier City 4's winner, HungryBox

Merchandise Poster 4

Community made poster for LPGE 2017.

Kumite in Texas

KiT promotional image used to advertise the upcoming event hosted by NGAGE eSports at LPGE 2018.

Merchandise Poster 2

Community made poster for LPGE 2017.


Community made flag for LPGE 2017. Created to celebrate having Warren Davis, creator of Q*Bert, out to the show.

LTC6 Promo

Promotional Image for Low Tier City 6 Super Smash Bros. tournament, hosted by Tourney Locator at LPGE 2018.

LTC Spectators

Spectator crowd during the Low Tier City 5 bracket stage.

LPGE 2016 Poster

Promotional poster for LPGE 2016.

Defeating the Creator

Lonnie McDonald defeats John Newcomer, creator of Joust, at his own game.

Effective Marketing

Promotional image used to announce our ticket discount for any attendees who had recently adopted a pet from a shelter.

LPGE 2015 Crowd

Our first event in 2015 brought in just over 1,200 attendees. Since then we have grown to 2,400 in 2016, and 4,500 in 2017. Thanks to partnerships with GameStop, NGAGE eSports, and T-Mobile, we expect similar growth in 2018.

Merchandise Poster 3

Community made poster for LPGE 2017.

Spoils of War

Winner of the Guitar Hero 3 tournament jams out on his prize provided by sponsor Guitar Center.

Win and a Loss

Players during the bracket stage of Low Tier City 5.

Achievements Unlocked

Achievement pins custom designed and created for LPGE. Completing a specific task at LPGE grants one of these lovely pins.

LPGE 2016 Crowd

Peak hours on Saturday during the 2016 show. We maxed out our first venue and had to move to a different city in 2017 as a result.

Casual Tournament Trophies

Custom trophies made for each of LPGE 2017's competitive events.

Free Play Arcade Partnership

Promotional image used to announce our Free Play Arcade partnership.

First Haul

Our first haul of arcades during setup of the 2017 show. All arcades for the show are provided by Rogue Synapse or Free Play Arcade collectors.

Hyper Fighting

LPGE is the only event where you can play Hyper Fighting, the never released port of Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo's Virtual Boy system. Our VBs are modified to output in VGA as well so spectators can get in on all the headaches as well.

Guerilla marketing

Our first marketing for LPGE was done in person by going to local gaming events. We retrofitted a Shopping Cart with a boat battery, TV and consoles so that we could take gaming on the go and bring information about LPGE to new people while they enjoyed some classic games.

LPGE 2015 Poster

Promotional poster for LPGE 2015. Can you spot the Ready Player One reference?

Pinball Wizards

Attendees playing on Pinball machines provided by LPGE volunteers.

Merchandise Poster 1

Community made poster for LPGE 2017.

Candid Arcade Shot

Players enjoying the Arkham Arkhade in 2016. Each year we bring in 100+ arcade cabinets all set to free play including some machines that cannot be seen anywhere else, like the only faithful recreation of The Last Starfighter.

LPGE 2016 Map

Map given to attendees in 2016 for venue navigation.

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