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Faerun economy simulator

My players dove into utilizing Trade Goods to build a trade empire in D&D. I went the extra mile and created a full economy simulator for them to buy and sell trade goods at various cities throughout Faerun. This includes:

  • Abstract system to dynamically determine the price of a trade good in a location based on population, economic history, and adjustable supply/demand values.

  • Buy and Sell planner that limits selectable locations and trade goods based on availability of goods, desirability of goods, whether goods have been discovered, and whether a contact has been established in a city.

  • Trade Caravan Planner that allows the player to manually plot trade routes between destinations so that they can minimize distance traveled and whether they travel over land or sea.

  • Pool of Mercenary Companies that can be hired to protect investments against events that can befall Trade Caravans based on the distance being traveled, and the relative crime level of a destination city.

  • Simple system for researching new markets and trade goods, and establishing contacts in new cities.

  • And more! The sheet is fully viewable, 

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